What Impact Has Prop. 63 Funding Had On Full Service Providers Which Help The Most Seriously Mentally Ill? Find Out As Dr. Renay Bradley Joins Jennifer Whitney on Our Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Action Segment. ………………………….All The Preceding Space Represents Quiet, Self Reflective Time. Learn About Transcendental Meditation With the David Lynch Foundation!

Going into the community to help the homeless who are mentally ill.   Helping to create a more “holisitic” approach that addresses body and mind – both mental and physical health.  That’s what FSPs (Full Service Providers) are all about.  Dr. Renay Bradley from the Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission joins Jennifer to discuss recent research findings from UCLA.

Wendy is joined on the red carpet at a David Lynch Foundation event by David Lynch, Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons,  actress Dee Wallace who shares her own personal story, and actors Cheech Marin and Robert Davie – all talking about the impact that Meditation…specifically Transcendental Meditation can make on living a healthful life.   It’s proven,  it works and it is something worthy to explore!  Also,  a special note of thanks to the David Lynch Foundation who have taken their TM practices and teaching “to the streets” with research projects and has made incredible impact both with returning vets and young people in school through their pilot projects.   Find out more at  www.davidlynchfoundation.org



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